Teilnehmende gesucht - The Good Human or the Human Good – Footprints of Modern Slavery

the 2nd EUROPEANS FOR PEACE youth conference will be under the claim The Good Human or the Human Good – Footprints of Modern Slavery. After last years‘ theme „Right here, right now: Human rights“ we want to gain a deeper insight on Article 4 of the European Convention on Human Rights: „No one shall be held in slavery or servitude.“

This Article explicitly declares the prohibition of slavery and forced labor. This makes slavery officially illegal, but there are still numerous people worldwide living under conditions where they are being forced to work, facing threats and violence against them or their families. This youth conference will focus on this human rights violation, providing an overview not only of the history of the slavery and our colonial backpack but also of the current global situation.

What is our responsibility as active Europeans and global citizens? During the EUROPEANS FOR PEACE with workshops and discussions held by experts who champion human rights, the aim is to develop strategies for sustainable action and searching for concepts for a society where everyone is treated fairly and equally. We are planning a 5-day event with an exciting programme of meeting people, networking, debating and developing our own project ideas!

The event is organized jointly by the wannseeFORUM and the EVZ Foundation. Registration is now open on www.youforpeace.orgAPPLICATION DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL August, 18!

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